Arts Council of Wales | Ynystawe Primary School promoting creativity at Mission Gallery

Ynystawe Primary School promoting creativity at Mission Gallery

Ynystawe Primary School in Swansea visited Mission Gallery to promote creativity and develop thinking skills.

Following their successful Go and See application, Ynystawe Primary School Swansea took 25 learners (aged 9-11) to attend the Mission Gallery in Swansea to learn how to create an exhibition space for their artwork.

Transferrable skills from studying art

The project aim was to promote creativity and develop high order thinking skills that will be transferrable across the learning landscape.

The pupils studied the work of Anne Gibbs in the exhibition of ‘The language of Clay’ curated by Ceri Jones and were given the opportunity to study how art pieces are curated effectively.

What the learners thought about their visit

"Thank you for the amazing visit. It gave me an opportunity to work quietly and reflect on the quality of my art. I really liked the artwork. It was fun!"
- Dafydd Jones, Year 5

"I have used clay before but never been as creative as that. That is because we were given clay to explore and make what we wanted. Thank you for the chance."
- Sam Parker

"It changed the way I thought about art in lots of different ways. It was amazing. Thank you."
- Harry Davies

"On the visit to the Mission Gallery, I found that there is always more than one way of looking at an object."
- Mia Woodrow, Year 5

What the teachers thought

"Visiting the Mission Gallery offered our children a dynamic opportunity to immerse themselves in a learning experience which provoked their imagination and allowed them to explore new things in a rich and stimulating environment. It allowed them to take ownership of their own learning and embrace the work of a contemporary Welsh artist which in turn allowed them to explore and develop their own curiosities and become artists themselves. These valuable opportunities offer children a foundation for creativity and allow them to make connections to the world around them."
- Sarah Williams ,Deputy Headteacher

"Through this opportunity the pupils have been inspired and enthused to exercise their imaginations and creativity. It has further developed our pupil’s entrepreneurial skills whilst setting the bar even higher when producing quality pieces of work. Thank you for such a unique opportunity. "
- Helen Houston-Phillips, Headteacher

The pupils will continue this work in school and have been very kindly offered an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work once again during the Christmas period.
Ynystawe Primary School promoting creativity at Mission Gallery
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