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TEAM provides the support needed to start a career in the arts.

What is National Theatre Wales’ (NTW) TEAM?

National Theatre Wales’ (NTW) TEAM is a growing network of people of all ages and abilities from across Wales and beyond, who collaborate with NTW to create work in their own communities. TEAM sits firmly at the centre of the organisation.

Members have a place at Board meetings and offer advice on issues such as recruitment, programming, marketing and training.

TEAM has been involved in a number of different projects and activities such as training courses, skill swaps and workshops for young people. TEAM has led writing workshops for children, curated poetry performances and organised performances that address current issues, such as that of Female Genital Mutilation.

Supporting Careers in the Arts

TEAM provides its members with the support needed to start a career in the arts, with several members using the skills and experience gained on the project to become authors, poets and marketing managers.

How does TEAM make a difference?

One Team Member said:
"I was working part-time in the voluntary sector and I wanted full-time paid work. Through leadership training I got through TEAM... I got a job working full-time at Oxford Playhouse."

TEAM has contributed to:

  • The creation of six new short plays by new playwrights
  • Development of creative problemsolving, leadership and assertiveness skills
  • Pathways to employment developed
  • Capacity development in other organisations across Wales

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TEAM | National Theatre Wales
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