Arts Council of Wales | Response and survey - EU Referendum

Response and survey - EU Referendum

The arts in Wales have a long standing tradition of working internationally and celebrating diversity. Wales now faces a period of unprecedented challenge.

It is our intention to work with the arts sector to better understand the implications of the EU Referendum outcome and to support the sector going forward.

As part of a devolved nation of the UK and a European region, Wales has benefitted socially, economically and culturally from substantial European investment. Arts Council of Wales and its international arm, Wales Arts International, have participated over two decades in international and European cultural partnerships and exchanges. We remain committed to maintaining these international links and convinced of the value they bring to Wales.

Following the EU referendum, its outcome and immediate consequences, a period of uncertainty is inevitable. It will take time to understand the longer term impact.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to facilitate international work in the arts through collaborations, projects, networks and communication. We’re also committed to our partnerships with Welsh Government, British Council and our European collaborators.

We’ll continue to find ways of supporting our leading artists and arts organisations to realise their international ambitions by exploring new international markets, connecting with new partners and importantly ensuring that Wales continues to be an open and diverse nation. Through our Wales European Arts Forum (which will be meeting next on Tuesday 6 September) we will take stock and advise our Arts Portfolio Wales clients and others in the sector of the ongoing developments.

In the interim we will be gathering information via a short survey of our clients and the broader sector. This will help assess what the impact of exiting the EU might entail in reality. We aim to feed back at the Wales European Arts Forum in September 2016.

Briefing Paper

Download this briefing paper by Nick Capaldi on the Outcome of the EU Referendum:

A Briefing on the Outcome of the EU Referendum

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