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Creative Wales Awards 2011/12

Miranda Whall

Visual Arts

Miranda-WhallMiranda Whall is an artist based in Aberystwyth where she is also a full time lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studio Practice at the School of Art, University of Aberystwyth.

Miranda works in video, text, audio, animation, drawing and installation. Her work has recently been included in exhibitions curated by Edward Lucie–Smith and Zavier Ellis at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre, Lithuania, The Torrance Art Museum, California and Charlie Smith London gallery, London.

Her drawings have been shortlisted for the Jerwood drawing Prize and the Pizza Express Prospects Prize. She has been included in group exhibitions at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead), Temple Bar (Dublin), Site Gallery (Sheffield), Glynn Vivian (Swansea), The Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), The Courtauld Institute of Art and the Contemporary Art Society (London).

Stuart Pearson Wright, Irene Bradbury and Soraya Rodriguez have included Miranda's work in group exhibitions alongside artists such as Paul Noble, Michael Landy, Chris Offili and Gillian Wearing.

The Quests

Two recent works 'Ctenophore Ma Cheire, my Darling Comb Jelly' and 'Centaurea Mariana Nyman Cunt' have offered a new direction for research, process and practice. They have revealed a pattern, a very simple structure, that if followed could provide a framework for developing a range of innovative, challenging and expansive new projects that Miranda has titled ‘The Quests’.

miranda-whall-Is-it-ok-if-(Marine-Dialogues)This Creative Wales Award would be used to develop a series of new projects that would include the following elements; a place, a geographical landscape, a subject/object, a human emotion, the vocalization of a text as an audio recording and video footage.

These elements could be rationally connected and/or disconnected. Deciding upon some of the elements during the initial research stage, prior to the location visit, would establish a starting point that would allow for change and development according to location specific responses and the dynamics that occur within collaboration and participation.

Deciding upon some of the elements beforehand is what is at the conceptual core of Miranda’s proposal. To propose a ‘Quest’, a journey in search of something, somewhere or someone that will be rich in the finding and will create an unanticipated experience and series of results.

She wants the work to develop through a process of ‘not knowing until it’s found’. The projects could exist independently and/or as a collective, if exhibited collectively; the foreign languages, culturally specific references, landscapes, visuals etc. would collide and compliment to create an intriguing and disorientating immersive visual and audio installation experience.

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