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Creative Wales Award 2011/12

Becky Adams

Applied Arts & Craft

Becky-AdamsBecky is an applied artist based in Penarth and has been practising art professionally for the last fifteen years. She studied Fine Art and English Literature in Liverpool before a period of travel around the Middle East. She later undertook her MA in Book Arts at Camberwell College of Art (2001).

Past residencies include Ruthin Craft Centre, King's Lynn Museum, Queenswood School and Chitraniketan, Kerala (Southern India). Becky’s work is centred on textile and book art which provides a tangible and tactile link to past experience and her love of storytelling. An eclectic use of materials such as antique fabric, driftwood, paper, ephemera and line drawings combine to inform her art works.

Her work appears in several private and public collections, including the Wexford Artists Book Collection (Ireland), the Victoria and Albert and Tate Gallery (London).

Narrative Threads

Installation detail: Becky AdamsBecky envisages taking recognised aspects of "book" and manipulating them. Fiction, binding, information, the anatomy of the book, the authority of the written word, materials and stitch are just some of the elements of "book" which she will engage with.

She will deconstruct the notion of "read me like a book" and create new objects that reference both book and garment. Ideas inspired by sleeve notes, book jackets and the disposable paper dresses created in the 1960's will be explored.

Becky will also experiment with new ways of stitching and enquire into the connections made between text and textile – manipulating ideas rooted in "embroidering the truth" and "weaving a tale". Becky will experiment with freehand machine embroidery and begin using it in new work.

Up until now, the imagery that is seen in her work involves highly labour-intensive hand sewing. It will be a real development for her to start image-making and drawing with the machine itself.

The Creative Wales Award will grant Becky precious time away from her normal activities of "making to order", preparing workshops, responding to commissions and undertaking residencies. It will enable her to focus entirely on studio practice and explore, nurture and experiment with new ideas.

She will enquire into the narrative threads found in both storytelling and stitch. This period of intense research will nourish her work with integrity and continue to inform her future practice.

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