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Michael Harvey

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Michael Harvey

Michael is a well-known story-teller who has worked throughout Wales as well as having performed in many festivals in Europe, North and South America. He works as an individual artist and regularly works with other artists including dancers, musicians and visual artists from Wales, Europe, Brazil and India. He regularly works with arts and cultural institutions and frequently tours with the Adverse Camber production company. Wales’ oral inheritance, its landscape and the modern arts are all inspirations to him. Michael is a bilingual performer and can also work through the medium of French and Portuguese.

The Project: The Hidden Art of the Storyteller

Story-telling is a popular and accessible way of performing but under the surface lies a complex, subtle and liminal art. This intense period of research, creative experimenting and meditation will give Michael time to express and develop elements which have not hitherto been directly dealt with.

There are three parts to this project, and he will work individually and with other artists in Wales and beyond.

The habitat of a story is the relationship between the landscape, the body, and the performing space. Michael will bring to the fore and develop the oral dynamic on every level whilst co-operating with other artists.

Not a puppet or a prop: an object in a performed story is a useful and versatile tool. He will undertake training and experiment with alternative methods with the Os Tapetes company of Rio de Janeiro.

Stage story-tellers who appear as themselves provide a special quality to a performance; they use the stage in a different way and it is a craft which demands the use of a specific stage language. Michael will study the methods of La maison du conte, France’s leading storytelling centre.

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