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Lead Creative Schools

Nearly 300 schools and over 4,000 learners across the whole of Wales are already benefiting from being a Lead Creative School.

What is the Lead Creative Schools Scheme?

Lead Creative Schools is one of the main building blocks of Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales.

The scheme exists to develop an innovative and bespoke programme of learning designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning within schools. This initiative is all about cutting with the grain, complementing and supporting schools’ current programmes of work.

It’s about nurturing and developing the creativity of learners so that they achieve their potential and grow as well-rounded individuals. It will help to equip them with the skills for life that Professor Donaldson recommends for the new curriculum.

Further Information

For further information please contact one of our regional teams. Details can be found below:

Creative Learning through the Arts is a partnership between the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government – putting creativity and the arts at the heart of learning.

Lead Creative Schools
Lead Creative Schools

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