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The Case for Diversity in the Arts

The Creative Case is based upon the simple observation that diversity, in the widest sense, is an integral part of the artistic process. It is an important element in the dynamic that drives art forward that innovates and brings it closer to a profound dialogue with contemporary society.

There are many reasons why we should encourage diversity in the arts.

To Enhance the Arts

Embracing diversity and diverse artists brings different perspectives and different ideas, enriching arts practice and the cultural life of Wales. Such work can complement traditional forms, and lead to the creation of new and innovative artistic practice, both in terms of product and presentation.

Reflecting 21st century Wales

Wales is changing. Disabled people are more engaged in society; Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are increasingly able to be more open about who they are; the numbers of ethnic minorities in Wales are increasing. If the arts in Wales are to reflect a 21st century modern Wales, they will need to be inclusive of all these and other communities, and embrace difference.

Business Reasons

Changing the approach to how you develop and deliver your work and embracing diversity may require additional resources and cost (although this isn’t always the case). However, more often than not, it can be economically advantageous. From drawing in larger audiences to using the creativity of a diverse range of employees, to forming partnerships with public, private or third sector organisations – many of these approaches will be the key to unlocking new resources or securing extra funding.

Community Development

The arts promote social well-being and encourage more sustainable economic, environmental and social development.

Quite simply, because it is the right thing to do

All people in Wales should be able to enjoy and participate in the arts.

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