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Arts Council of Wales is committed to equality of access to a full range of arts events for people of all ages, abilities, cultures and communities.

Our Strategic Equality Action Plan

Our Strategic Equality Action Plan and Code of Best Practice set out our over-arching commitment to ensuring that we place equality issues in the mainstream of our work and our relationships with funded bodies and other partners.

The Strategic Equality Action Plan for 2017-2021 challenges ourselves as an organisation, our portfolio of revenuef unded companies and those we support in the wider arts sector to attach greater importance to equalities.

An update on our Strategic Equality Plan

Read our report on the first full year of activity, up to March 2018.

Strategic Equality Plan Updates 2017-2021


Strategic Equality Action Plan 2017-2021
Strategic Equality Plan 2017 – 2021: Easy Read Version

Guidance for Arts Organisations

Arts Council of Wales expects those who receive grants to implement effective equal opportunities policies and use this Code of Practice for Funded Organisations as a guidance in this respect.

Equal Spaces provides best practice guidance for arts organisations on disability issues.

Guides and templates for Equality Impact Assessment

A Step by Step Guide to Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment Template

Equalities Monitoring

Our Internal Equalities Monitoring Group, comprising staff from across the organisation, monitors progress in implementing our equalities work and reports directly to our Council.

This process aims to ensure that we consider the impact our policies my have on different people and help us address any actual or potential inequalities and therefore improve our services and employment practices.

All our Equality Impact Assessments can be found alongside recently created or updated policies on our website.

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