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Theatr Byd Bychan
Theatr Byd Bychan
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Bill Hamblett
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Unigolion: Grantiau Bychain
Sefydliadau: Grantiau Bychain
Teithio a Chyflwyno: Noson Allan - Cynllun Teithio Cymunedol
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Small World Theatre is an artist-led emergent organisation, a self-organising entity. Constantly evolving, contracting and expanding, it is a complex system.

Small World Theatre has 3 main streams of activity:

Producing and performing our own original shows and events: creating theatre performances that can tour small and mid scale venues. Street shows and site-specific spectaculars as well as intimate, environmentally sensitive experiences.

Running our own venue: presenting a range of arts and performance events, mentoring emerging artists/performers, hosting conferences, community events, classes and workshops. The building is an accessible, welcoming space that provides a model of sustainability for other organisations striving towards a zero carbon future.

Implementing projects and facilitating workshops: developed and delivered in house, in the community by us and for other agencies. Designing and delivering international projects in arts and theatre for development. We facilitate workshops, design and deliver our own accredited training programmes and also for other organisations. These programmes build skills and confidence with people of different ages and abilities.

We are pioneers in developing and using methodologies now increasingly called SEED SCALE


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Small World Theatre are experienced exponents of life changing Theatre in aid and development. Placing Culture and Theatre at the centre of development. We use theatre as a means of communication, helping focus aid and assisting communities to help determine their own development. We feel this helps with increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of aid. As Small World Theatre sort of implies we are not a massive corporate company and chose to operate on a project-by-project basis or with the support of larger agencies or institutions such as the British Council the U.N. etc. We feel that we have made a big impact and our projects have been effective and indeed won awards. Small World theatre projects draw on our 30+ years of development experience both in UK and overseas. Having worked in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe we have gained extensive development experience and pioneered processes that use cultural factors to deal with change. This is now often called SEED SCALE.

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